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Signature Requirements

  • Please draw a rectangular box of size 2 cm x 7 cm (Height x Width) on a white paper. Sign with black or dark blue ink pen completely within this box horizontally.
  • A signature with all CAPITAL LETTERS, Initials or in any other colour (other than black and blue) will NOT be accepted.
  • Get the digital image of the rectangular box (with your signature inside) scanned by using a professional scanner. Crop it to the border of the box.
  • Only JPEG/JPG image format will be accepted.
  • The maximum image size of the signature should be 160x560 in pixels.
  • The minimum image size of the signature should be 80x280 in pixels.
  • The file size of the image should be in the range of 50 kB to 150 kB.

Tips for Resizing Image

Some samples of acceptable good-quality signatures and rejected poor-quality signatures are shown below:

A. Samples of Acceptable Signatures

Signature Accept

B. Samples of not Acceptable Signatures